Corporate Overview

We believe that we are positioned to become a significant Frac Sand producer and supplier in Canada.  We expect to offer a more cost-competitive, operationally advantageous system while maintaining and sometimes increasing the quality and integrity of our products through logistics measures.


Canada currently makes up 10% of the North American Sand Market, and yet, petroleum companies in Canada continue to purchase and import sand from companies over 2000 miles away in United States.


Why? The demand for Tier I Wisconsin “Northern White” Sand.  The imported sand, not only has high transportation costs, but is no longer the quality sand the oil and gas company ordered because it has experienced over 2000 miles of degradation.  


Currently, the oil and gas companies in Canada have no alternative but to accept the degraded and now inferior sand.  The petroleum companies simply cannot wait another two weeks for a shipment of sand that will ultimately be degraded. 


We expect to offer our clients a similar quality product to the desired Tier I “Northern White” sand more efficiently, economically, and with little to no degradation.  We believe the Canadian properties acquired by BSI will offer the preferred top tier sand and are exponentially closer to the well-heads, providing a much need solution to the degradation and logistics problem experienced by the Canadian sand market.