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 Armed with top tier quality sand and a definite logistic and transportation advantage in Canada, Brilliant Sands provides a long needed market solution to degraded imported sand products and is set to corner the Canadian sand market.


Brilliant Sands

We believe that we are positioned to become a significant Frac Sand producer and supplier in Canada.  We expect to offer a more cost-competitive, operationally advantageous system while maintaining and sometimes increasing the quality and integrity of our products through logistics measures.

We believe our properties will provide us with top tier quality sand and a definite logistic and transportation advantage in Canada, providing a long needed market solution to degraded imported sand products.

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Current Market Status

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United States based company positioned to become a significant frac sand producer and supplier in Canada.


Supply and Demand

There is limited availability of Tier 1 and Tier 2 sand because the current Canadian industry sources are focusing on the growing U.S. market demand.

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No Major Canadian Producer

With no major Canadian sand producer and the majority of sand is being important from the U.S., the Canadian frac sand market is still in it is infancy.

Has $50 oil effected the industry?


“…Buying All The Sand We Can Ship.”

Rick Shearer, CEO of Emerge Energy Services LP of Fort Worth, Texas, says the oil companies still drilling are using more frac sand per well, which has helped keep demand strong.

“We know there are ups and downs with this business but right now our customers are still buying all the sand we can ship. A single fracked well can now use as much as 10,000 tons of sand”, Shearer stated.


 “Oil Companies…Using More Frac Sand Per Well”

U.S. Silica Holdings CEO, Bryan Shinn is quoted by the Journal saying his company still expects to grow in 2015 and is not planning any job cuts. He says even if oil companies drill fewer wells next year, they are using more frac sand per well.


The Frac Sand Industry Does Not Rely Exclusive On Oil & Gas

“US Silica and Fairmount do not rely exclusively on oil and gas customers. In 2013, US Silica sold 50% of its volume shipments to its Industrial & Specialty segment and Fairmount sold 26% of its volume shipments to its Industrial & Recreational segment,” Moodys said

Current Market Status


“…20% year-on-year rise in 2016.”

RBC Analysts predict a 15% tonnage drop in frac sand tonnage in 2015, mainly in the 4th quarter, followed by a 20% year-on-year rise in 2016. – SLCA, Feb. 24, 2015


Frac Sand Cosumption is Up

“Natural Frac Sand consumption went up to 60 million tons in 2014, a 50% rise over 2013.” PropTester Report, Feb. 23, 2015

From Industry Sources


Demand For Sand Takes Off

Companies Race to Build New Mines as Prices Rise

Sand prices are rising and companies are racing to build new mines in South Dakota and other locations as demand intensifies for the silica crystals that energy companies use to frack oil and gas wells…


Canadian Market in its Infancy

Raymond James Research Report
Compared to the US, the Canadian frac sand market is still in its infancy but growing quickly… expect Canadian sand demand to accelerate throughout our 2014-2016 forecast horizon and continue to grow steadily thereafter…we expect two of the most important frac sand demand growth basins to be the Duvernay and Montney

Morgan Stanley Logo - Oct. 24, 2008

Verge of a Prolonged Shortage

Morgan Stanley Report
As E&P operators seek to optimize well results, they are using significantly more frac sand per well. We believe the industry now sits on the verge of a prolonged frac sand supply shortage.