Brilliant Sands Projects



The McClelland Property is 100% owned by the Company and is located 60km north of Fort McMurray. Sampling of the sand at McClelland has come back with similar results to that of Athabasca Minerals (ABM) who is situated along our fence line to the west. The McClelland property is strategically located near all of the Alberta Basins, giving the company a large competitive advantage to the US Producers and Suppliers that are 2200+km away. McClelland will enable the Company to produce and sell sand to the Canadian O&G companies, from Canadian dollars, to Canadian dollars. McClelland has a large land position, 66,000 acres (26,624 hectares).


Alberta Project

The Alberta Project is 100% owned by the Company and is strategically located in the heard of three Alberta Basins.  The competitive advantage of being in the heart of three basins and trucking distance to the well-head will enable the company to see its sand FOB from the mine site, reducing costs by up to 60%.  Just-in-time delivery, no rail, and no weather or congestion delays will result in the Company being able to sell the sand at a premium and have an enormous competitive advantage as a result to its competitors.  The Alberta Project is also a large land position at 87,000 acres (35,000 hectares).



The Washow Property is 100% owned by the Company and is located in Manitoba, north of Winnipeg.  The Property is less than 100km from rail and lies in an area known for the only “Northern White” sand in Canada.  Northern White sand is Tier 1 sand that Wisconsin (largest frac sand supplier in the world) is famous for, and is perceived to be the best sand in the world.  The Washow Property will enable the Company to offer its clients “Northern White” sand at a reduced cost as it is located 1/2 the distance to the Alberta Basins than the US Suppliers in Wisconsin.  The Company’s current land position at Washow is 1,000 acres (422 hectares).